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Mom’s in Portland and trying to get Vegas to send her mail and she’s struggling to understand what’s happening between them. More mind games from him have her feeling foolish. Voc rehab might help Mom get back on track and Phill turns 30.

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Well, we’re a bit late this week, but still getting one out this week. We’re at 50 episodes in a row now! Back in 2004…

There are money troubles and job hunting. We get an update on the settlement and Mom is looking into a paralegal program again. Another fight with Vegas leaves her sitting at a casino with nowhere to go. North to South, South to North, which way to go? And maybe some changes?

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A trip to Sacramento gets interrupted and Mom calls out Vegas because he’s still sneaking around. She gets explicit explaining the situation between her, Vegas, and another woman. We take a side trip to share a story about the “Umatilla Cowboy” we remember growing up and we go off book for a bit to talk about what Mom has going on. We cross the 30th anniversary of the Journal too! Back in 2004, Mom is in and out of the house (again). It doesn’t help that there are more money problems and doctor visits to deal with. Then Mom gets an unexpected introduction…

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We had a technical glitch so there are no reminders at the beginning of this week. Sorry, you don’t get to hear us ramble for five minutes before we start reading ;-) Mom hears from Vegas in this one and later gets a reminder of why she left. Online dating is feeling like a bust, what she really wants is a bad boy with a heart of gold. She goes to Hermiston for her favorite grandson’s birthday but he ends up in the hospital with bronchitis. Then she returns to Las Vegas and tries to improve her life, relationship, and physical/mental health. Money is still tight without the settlement then Vegas makes her question her decision to return. More talk about marriage?

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We start with a long and stressful week. Between a death, more stress, and pills Mom’s had enough. Another car accident? Really? Mom finally gets off the rollercoaster she’s been on and puts some plans in motion. And as we always used to sing before a road trip as a family, “On the road again, just can’t wait to get on the road again.” Thanks, Willie. Eby the cat finds a new life in California while Mom is headed to Oregon. Once there she gets some time to reflect. She also amends her Will to remove Vegas from it. There’s also news on the settlement and Mom begins the process of “rebounding”.

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