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Mom starts with a new temp job but is looking for something permanent. She also wants to make a video to win a custom bike. A new kitten! She starts working on prototypes of the patent and planning a trip to Mexico. The, A NEW JOB! There are some money troubles but Mat's on it. Mom wonders, will she be alone forever?

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Mom deals with the fallout of leaving her job.

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Mom got a job! So money is getting better but Valentine’s Day gets her down. She’s been keeping her distance from everyone south of her. She did get a special visitor that she hasn’t seen in a very long time. Shoulder trouble leads to an ER visit, twice. Mom has a new apartment on the horizon so she needs to get some new furniture. Off to K-Mart! Things were going pretty well at work and Mom was approved for a new bike! But then…

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Christmas shopping then a Christmas road trip to Hermiston. New Year puts Mom into a funk but she has high hopes for the patent in 2005, “Dreams are the Blueprints of Reality”. The doctor gets back to her with her test results. There might be a coffee date in the near future but she’s getting weird vibes about Vegas showing up in Portland.

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We’re back! Sorry about the delay, traffic was backed up a bit… Mom made contact with a company regarding the patent and has dreams of it going to market in the next year or so. She’s still struggling with the idea vs. the reality of her relationship with Vegas. The cat she left behind is on her mind too. She hopes the cat will forgive her when she gets her back. She also does more online dating, kind of. The eye doctor and food stamps kept her busy then she gets a job interview! She has a follow-up doctor’s appointment but that means more tests. Some free furniture heads her way and as Christmas approaches Mom and Rachel get evacuated for a bomb threat while shopping. Enjoy!

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