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Drama on the phone and Mom continues to try for a job in Arizona. Recent contact has put Vegas on her mind. While waiting to hear back from the Arizona job a new opportunity in Portland comes up. Another MRI on the shoulder is needed too.

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Mom rented a new apartment which means another moving day. Her new neighbors are driving her crazy and she briefly thinks about Seattle. Phill gets Bell's Palsy and Mom deals with more shoulder issues. And Vegas reaches out.

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Mom got to take grandma to her first Blazers game! And they won! Mom also puts in more applications for transfers to Arizona and the Journal turns 31 :-) Vegas (the person) comes up to Oregon and a quick trip to Cabo relieves some of the stress of life. That is countered by a visit to the dentist, which is never fun. Also a quick trip to Bend is surprisingly fun. Mom gets her mind stuck on Vegas and questions of the future but it looks like she’s on the move again!

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Mom has something of a social life in Oregon and so does her neighbor. There’s a weird work situation that leaves her wondering and she’s moving into the new apartment that the job provides a discount on. Mom gets word from her attorney then a whirlwind trip to Las Vegas gives her time to think. She still has a bit to move but there’s progress and Hoop goes to the vet. Mom also gets grandson Mathew a birthday gift and plans a night out with her mom.

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