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Mom's financial situation gets worse after 5 nights in Vegas but she's hoping for a bonus at work. We boys get a shock about something Mom wrote. She makes the decision to move back to Vegas and feels like she has a job lined up. Shoulder pain is limiting Mom's abilities. Another moving day, she's rented a "Casita" in Vegas. Then Mom suffers a huge loss and is left heartbroken. But, she starts a new job, so there's that.

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Mom works on revisions to the patent and gets a little support when it comes to moving back to Las Vegas. She also spends another weekend there and has her 48th birthday. She has more pain and visits the doctor but has a hard time believing they can do anything for her pain. Big money problems come up and then get worse. She tells Mat that she might be moving back to Las Vegas then tries to contact Oprah about the patent. Yes, that Oprah.

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Mom's thoughts are on the patent again. She briefly considers completing the Paralegal program. Of course, there is more Vegas drama and her Arizona social life pretty much ends. An incident at work prompts Mom to look for something new. After another trip to Las Vegas, she's exhausted but planning another one. She's hoping to win some money to get her bills paid. Then the frustrations in Arizona have her considering a move back to Las Vegas.

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Due to work, Mom is missing an event. She’s also in a slump of work, home, work, home. So she goes to Las Vegas. She continues planning to move to her employer’s corporate offices. She then meets and dumps a guy in Arizona and takes another trip to Las Vegas to visit Vegas (the ex-boyfriend) and other friends. She’s keeping him in the “friend zone”, sorta. Mom then deals with bad cats and a sad dog. She has more news on the patent and Phill goes to see a specialist in Portland.

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It looks like Mom is headed south again. It's official, she got the job in Arizona and has a small window to move and get back to work. Packing time! She loans Phill her TENS unit for his Bells Palsey. Then he goes to see a specialist. He is told there's the possibility of a tumor. Then it's time to make the move and get back to work. She likes Arizona but feels she needs to do something to gain her freedom.

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