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May 6, 1979 - May 25, 1979

We start with getting rid of our dog Leo and end with an anniversary, their 5th wedding anniversary. Mom starts and ends a different job, this time at the drive-in theater in Hermiston. She was also making big plans for the upcoming year. So money was good for the time being. Mom also wrote a couple of poems, one for our grandparents and one for our dad.

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April 17, 1979 - May 5, 1979

Mom visits with an old friend and we move out of the grandparents house. There's even an cool twist about the place we moved into. Mom also got a job with her cousin. Mom debates giving up her pets (aka her babies) but lets the dog go to a big farm. Us boys went on a camping trip with our grandparents and Mom helps some friends celebrate thier anniversary. Plus lots more so make sure to listen!

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April 9, 1979 - April 16, 1979

The weather was starting to warm up and we moved to Hermiston. We finally got our tax refund and a steady paycheck coming in again. We were living with the grandparents too so getting caught up on bills and saving for our own place was easier. Plus Mom had a "dream" of a place she'd like to rent so in all things were looking up!

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April 2, 1979 - April 8, 1979

A new job and a move! Things were starting to look up in the spring and we were starting another upswing. With a little help from family we were able to make it through another rough patch in our lives and on our way to a brighter future.

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March 22, 1979 - March 31, 1979

Money was being as spent as fast as it could be earned. Mom was happy about the weather getting warmer. She was also dreaming about what she'd do with bigger paychecks again but with no real hope of actually getting there, just the idea of it was enough to keep her hopes up. Mom got to go horseback riding too, after years of not being able to go and ended up with a sore butt. And we were pawning things again to get by but we end this episode on a hopeful note.

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March 7, 1979 - March 20, 1979

So money was really tight again and we had to rely on food stamps to get fed. Mom was a bit cranky because she didn't really have the money to buy cigarettes either. They did get a chance to cut loose a little bit and helped a friend celebrate a birthday. Mom was also being teased by warming weather and looking forward to the heat of summer.

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February 18, 1979 - March 5, 1979

Mom talked to a friend from California and tried to plan going to her wedding. We went snowmobiling and looked at buying a Double Wide! We had problems with the registration of the car. Time at work was being cut down at a very inconvenient time. Mom also gave some thought to moving to Canada. Mom also started looking for work again.

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January 23, 1979 - February 16, 1979

Van! Drink! Maybe we got one, maybe not. You'll have to listen to find out. Mom was missing the warmth of summer, but was also missing snow skiing, quite a contradiction. She was looking for new cars too, seeing what was out there. she spent a lot of time babysitting her nephews but also spent most of the money on just getting by. The money was there it was just already spent.

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January 1, 1979 - January 20, 1979

It was a new year and Mom had a lot of hopes for it. We celebrated Mat's 3rd birthday and made a move closer to family. Work was what it was so we were getting by but Mom was thinking of going back to work instead of babysitting for her sister.

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December 2, 1978 - December 28, 1978

Merry Christmas! It was another year coming to a close and there weren't very many presents under the tree. Heck, for a while there wasn't even a tree to put them under. In the end things turned around for us a bit, just like they always do but it defintely wasn't an easy go.

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November 14, 1978 - November 30, 1978

We were kind of in a down swing around this time. Rent was late, food was low and Mom was really feeling the pinch. But we had a new cousin and there was a little money coming in from selling pieces of stereo equipment. Phillip's birthday 4th happened too and family got together for Thanksgiving, so in all even though things were on a down swing, not everything was bad.

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September 12, 1978 - October 25, 1978

Mom made plans on who would take us if something were to happen to her and dad. The van was mentioned again (drink!) and bills started to pile up again. Mom got tickets to the Styx/Thin Lizzy concert in Pullman and a relative planned on making a HUGE change in his life.

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September 2, 1978 - September 11, 1978

Mom started this one by being sick. She talked about some other career choices she was interested in and interestingly enough those are two subjects that both of us boys are interested in. Mom dreamt a lot about what she'd do with the money from a good job. She got worried that it made her sound greedy though and got really depressed about it.

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August 16, 1978 - August 31, 1978

We got a cat and named him Bilbo. Mom missed more work from being sick.Mom dreamt of her van some more too. She also went to the dentist and we went to a circus where one of rode an elephant and the other chickened out. Oh, and Pendleton finally got a McDonald's and KMart!

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July 30, 1978 - August 15, 1978

Mom spent some time partying in Tri-Cities and then got sick and missed some work. She had an arguement with her brother but worked it out and then took us to the fair and carnival where we had a blast. Finally, Dad got a new job working with a surveyor in Kennewick.

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July 18, 1978 - July 27, 1978

Mom spent a little bit of time with our new cousin Keith but not too much. She also made plans and went to the dentist. Mom went to bankruptcy court but kept the stereo financing, priorities first! Uncle Phil made a nice new purchase and Grampa Bob got ready for a vacation. Mom also spent a lot of time dreaming about the fabled van too.

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July 9, 1978 - July 17, 1978
Mom kept working at her new job as a CNA at the State Hospital. She also celebrated her 20th birthday and got a great gift from her sister! Mom laid out her goals again and dreamt of making more money, then hoped it wouldn't make us snobs. Us boys also got to see our first circus and Mom mentioned maybe wanting to have another baby.
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June 30, 1978 - July 8, 1978

In this episode Mom got her first paycheck from the State Hospital. Then we went to the drive-in and saw "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and "Fun with Dick and Jane". Mom made more plans for the future by setting up a savings account with a plan to divert part of her paycheck into it for curtains and the van she'd been dreaming about. She also made plans for keeping the house clean and some new things she'd like to decorate with. She also tried to quit smoking again with a filter system she got from her brother Phil. She also found out when their court date was for their bankruptcy and we try to figure out how many times Mom said, "I Love You" in the Journal.

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May 22, 1978 - June 29, 1978

We talk about how "nice" sunburns are. Mom and dad celebrated their Fourth Anniversary by going out to a steak house courtesy of Mom's parents and sister. Then Mom worked at the hotel, but not for too long! She ended up getting a job at the State Hospital in Pendleton and passed her CNA test with a 95%! Not too bad for someone who was afraid of taking tests. There was a very scary incident with Phillip, a pen and his eye but in the end everything worked out. We spent a lot of time with Grandma and Grandpa Cornwell and dad had a very slim chance of an opportunity to get a job with the Steel Workers Union.

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April 30, 1978 - May 21, 1978

Three new jobs and a new car! Of course Mom had to quit the first job she got to work the second one but she thought of it as an upward move so it was all good. They also got rid of whatever pickup they were driving for a 1971 VW Superbeetle. Better gas mileage means more money in your pocket so that was a good move too. Things were really beginning to look up for all of us.

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April 15, 1978 - April 28, 1978

Mom was recovering from a cold around this time and was looking forward to a visit from an old friend. She started dreaming about getting a van again. She also wrote about another job she'd applied for and didn't get and pined for something other than another "shit job" as she put it. She made some improvements to her new waterbed and planned more she'd like to do to it. Plus she applied for work at a couple more places around Pendleton and dreamt of what she would do with the money from a better paying job.

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March 17, 1978 - April 12, 1978

Unfortunately Mom didn't get the job at the phone company, she didn't pass the test because math was never a strong subject for her. She visits with family visiting from out of town. They help friends move into a house they bought and Mom finally gets that waterbed she's been dreaming about! She takes a trip to Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood with a couple friends and is surprised with a clean house when she returns. She also applies for a job through a jobs program.

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March 4, 1978 - March 16, 1978

When we left off Grampa Bob had just been in a very bad accident. He was still in the hospital but was getting better. Mom goes for a drive and we talk about how impossible it is to really enjoy going for a drive with such high gas prices. Mom also got her perm and was also getting ready for her test with the phone company.

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February 25, 1978 - March 4, 1978

Mom spent a lot of time hanging out with friends. Our white-trash heritage is confirmed with Fried Bologna Sandwiches and Mom talked a lot about getting a waterbed. We find out that Captain is a really old show, a friend spent a lot on a new stereo, Mom planned on getting a perm and found out she got a chance to interview with the phone company. This episode ends with some bad news.

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February 14, 1978 - February 24, 1978

It really was a Happy Valentine's Day! Mom took the tests to get her G.E.D. and passed all five sections. Mom mentions getting a van again and then watches her soap operas. We took a family trip to Idaho to visit relatives and Mat blames Phonics for his lack of interest in reading. As always Mom delves into the topic of money (or lack thereof) but still plans on buying a waterbed.

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February 7, 1978 - February 12, 1978

Mom gets motivated about finding a job but then gets demotivated when things don't go exactly how she thoug they would. She also talks about filing bankruptcy. Mat and I talk a lot in this one about Mom's views on life and how she used the Journal to vent.

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January 26, 1978 - February 6, 1978

Mom interviewed for a job at the hospital and we talk about how her job search techniques didn't change much over 30 years. She wrote about her fear of guns at the time, and then explains that it's more just a fear of one of us getting hurt. We finally get moved into the house out in the country and Mat spends two days in the hospital with bronchitis. Mom talks about filing for bankruptcy and who she wants to take care of us if anything happened to her and dad.

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January 15, 1978 - January 25, 1978

Super Bowl XII starts this one. Dallas beat Denver 27-10. Dad started school and we moved again, this time with help from welfare. Mom was excited about the new place, it was bigger so in her mind that meant it would be easier to clean. A place out in the country with a full basement and a fenced backyard. She also got another hint that she should quit smoking and talked about getting a hysterectomy at 19, saying she doesn't want any more kids. Overall this is just daily life for a young mother in the 70s.

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Decembe 20, 1977 - January 14, 1978

We celebrate Christmas, New Year and Mat's 2nd Birthday in this one but not much is said about any of them. Mom talks about plans for getting a waterbed and we were on the move again, heading back to Pendleton after the New Year. Mom also talks about getting into Trancendental Meditation as a way to keep calm. She even thought about learning how to teach it to others.

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Special Episode

This is a special episode! Robin (one of Mom's oldest friends) and her husband John were kind enough to sit down with us and talk about Mom. Robin talks about how they met waitressing together in Pendleton and we all reminisce about John coming into the picture. Robin's son Chris even drops in part way through and relates some of his memories of Mom. We could have gone on for hours on this one, and we may go back visit them again when we get further into the podcast, but for now, enjoy!

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November 16 - December 6, 1977

Mom started this one with an announcement from Aunt Shannon. A new cousin was on the way! Mom hoped for a girl but it ended up being a boy, our cousin Keith (obviously several months later, we'll get to it). Then Mom prepared for Phillip's third birthday party. She also mentioned her worries about what smoking will eventually do to her. Phillip's third birthday happened on a Tuesday and that Thursday was Thanksgiving it was celebrated in Hermiston where we "feasted on everything under the sun". Gramma Cornwell was always a great cook. Mat's trouble with bronchitis started around this time and there was talk of moving back to Pendleton.

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November 5, 1977 - November 14, 1977

Mom pays some bills, helps more friends move and goes to a Tupperware party. In all it's just another week or so of life in the 70s. A little pot, a little coke, kids with crappy pants and another awesome concert, The Steve Miller Band this time. Mat and I also talk a little about what they paid back then compared to what we pay now and about how even though Mom talks a lot about the stress of not having money they still have a $500 stereo system. Priorities folks, gotta have 'em!

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October 9, 1977 - November 4, 1977

We start this episode talking about the Doobie Brothers/Pablo Cruise concert in Pullman, WA in 1977. Then the Yankees beat the Dodgers in the World Series and Mat poops in the tub. Both Grampas have birthdays (I believe they were the same age so they should have been 46 here) and Mom says she's going to write a book. Apparently not the one you are currently a listener of either. We end it by talking about another concert, Steve Miller this time, and Mom helps a friend move... twice.

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September 23, 1977 - October 4, 1977

Mat and I got to play a lot but daily life in the 70's was boring when you were unemployed and didn't have hobbies. Mom took advantage of that though by growing houseplants and rearranging her living room. Around this time she also went on a major job hunting trek and applied for work all over the Tri Cities.

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September 11, 1977 - September 21, 1977

Another episode that covers about 10 days. I think we're really getting into a grove here! We start this one eating Kentucky Fried Chicken, not KFC, this was before that. We also get accepted to move into the projects. Then Mom obsesses a little more about her dream van. She admits Mat's the mean one then I admit why he was always mean. Big brother was a bit sneakier (and meaner) than she knew. On a slightly prophetic and really sad note, Mom talks about quitting smoking and wonders what will happen to her if she doesn't. A little bit later she even talks about how she wants to die, quickly and quietly. She got part of her wish, it was quiet. She says she'll never regret it if she never gets to see New York City, I think later in her life she was glad she got to go, she mentioned to us that she always had fun there. Mom's Grandpa Heffley passed away around this time too. He was in Reno waiting for his son, my Grampa Bob, so he could attend the wedding between Grampa Bob and Charlotte. And then I prove to be the genius in the group by putting my shoes on the correct feet at three years old. I guess it didn't take much to impress Mom!

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September 1, 1977 - September 10, 1977

In this episode Mom starts of slow but tells us about having a lot of car trouble on a road trip. She also shares her new budget that will get her the van she'd been dreaming about, but she's added a few things to the list, like new tires for the van and a waterbed. By the end of the episode she's added even more, a Harley and a boat. She also tells us that she plans on writing in the journal a lot more than the 241 pages she'd gotten up to at that point but worries about letting other people read it because of all the illegal information she'd written about so Mat and I make you all swear not to tell. Towards the end of this episode she speculates about the future and wonders about the years 1994 and 2000. Also, Gramma Joyce and Harvey get married and Mom hangs out with someone she thought was "uncool". Enjoy!

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July 14, 1977 - August 30, 1977

We start this one on Mom's 19th birthday then a new job moves us to Tri-Cities. She debates stopping when the notebook she was writing in gets full, obviously that didn't happen. Mom also remembers more about the day she started writing the journal. She mentions a dog named Presto that I don't recall her ever mentioning before but she doesn't go into much detail on that one. She also starts planning out how to buy the van she'd been fantasizing about, almost obsessively. Finally, Mom gets a job.

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May 7, 1977 - July 9, 1977

Another episode that was kind of cut up to shorten the length. This was originally the first half of episode nine so forgive us if it sounds a bit choppy in the beginning and end. Mom gets a special present for mother's day and parties it up! But she warns us not to overdo it when we start to party. Mom's friend Candi goes through a break up and Mom almost gives into temptation herself but decides to work on her relationship before doing anything stupid. Uncle Allen, his wife and daughter move to Germany. Mom celebrates three years of marriage and we move into a house but have to move out soon after. And Grampa Bob announces his engagement to Charlotte.

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January 16, 1977 - April 22, 1977

This episode starts out with a new car (a 1967 Chevy Malibu Chevelle) but it goes back and we end up car-less. Mom also has a quick stint cutting rotten spots out of potatoes at Lamb-Weston, I assume in Hermiston but there were a lot of Lamb-Weston plants in that area back then so it could have been one of several places. We end up moving to Ione, OR to live with Mom's friend Robin (the same one who comments on this website. Hi Robin!), and from the descriptions it almost sounds like a commune. Mom and Robin then start going back to school with plans on going to college afterward. Plus, Mom spends a lot of time hanging out at the local tavern. Enjoy!

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August 2, 1976 - August 21, 1976

In this episode we find out why Ft. Sill has a regulation that forbids family members from visiting soldiers in the field and Mom makes another pee bird reference. We also hear what her plans were for the journal at the time, she makes a claim that she'll never leave Oregon again unless she absolutely has to and her anxious side comes out. We end the episode with an entry from "the future"! Actually it's from 1980, explaining that there might be a missing notebook. We never did find it so next episode will skip ahead to 1977, where we've already moved back to Oregon. But that's for next time. Enjoy!

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January 27, 1976 - July 31, 1976

Six months of writing! Mom shares a lot in this one and a lot of great stuff happened. She mentions my love for pizza which I confirm hasn't changed! She also mentions us moving into a new house, but it was still in Lawton. Plus there's another "Pee Bird" reference, great! Mom shares some of her dreams for the future and explains a bit more about who she was prior to getting pregnant and married. She also has her 18th birthday and our Gramma Joyce annnounces her engagement to Harvey. Our cousin Jason is born to Mom's sister Shannon and Mom reiterates her love for "The Prophet" by writing the passage about children again. Oh and she confirms that even 70's hippies thought Frank Zappa's music was weird, "really weird" as she put it. Enjoy!

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November 18, 1975 - January 26, 1976

In this episode Phillip starts walking, has his first birthday and Mat is born! Mom also shares some pictures of her other "babies" and she keeps listening to John Denver. She wrote a lot for such a short span of time so there's plenty to listen to. If you're playing the drinking game there are few places to take advantage of in this one as well. Enjoy!

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August 27, 1975 - November 10, 1975

In this episode we've moved to Oklahoma and are enjoying life as an Army family. Also, Mat is still on the way and mom does some speculation about whether he'll be a boy or girl or maybe even twin! In commenting on this part of the journal Phillip suggests a drinking game based on everytime mom mentions dealing with a crappy diaper. Feel free to add your own rules. Enjoy!

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Dates Covered:

December 8, 1974 - August 17, 1975

A lot of stuff happened in this part of the journal. Mom got settled into being a new parent and they sold the trailer. Because of that we moved in with Grandma and Grandpa Cornwell and then dad joined the Army. That led to us moving to Oklahoma. Oh, and we found out Mat was on the way! A lot more happened to so listen in as we share more of mom's journal.

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November 9, 1974 - December 6, 1974

In this episode Mom starts pregnant but ends up with her first baby!

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This was still before I was born hence the title, "Waiting...". Mom talks about what she's planning on for names, talks about more friends of hers who are having babies and gives an excerpt of a poem from "The Prophet" about being a parent. It's one of those things that she stuck to throughout the years too. A very good description of what kind of parent she was and what her view was of being a mother. She talks about a lot of other stuff too, she wrote a lot for two and a half weeks! Give the episode a listen by either downloading it, playing it below or subscribing to it in iTunes. Enjoy!

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Welcome to the beginning of something big! In this episode we talk about our Mom, Kendra, and about what the journal means to us. We also explain why we're doing this podcast and what you can expect over the next year. We say "Thank You" to all the people who have helped make this podcast possible through donations on their Indiegogo Page and moral support. If you'd like to listen to the podcast right here on your computer just click the play button below. You can also subscribe to our podcast with your favorite feed catcher or through iTunes.

Dates covered:

October 19, 1974 - October 21, 1974

Mom starts her journal and talks about why she's doing it. She does a lot of speculation, mostly as to what her new baby will be like and how she'll be as a mother. She also talks a little bit about how her and Dan got together. She also give some insight into what type of parent she'll become through a poem she copied from one of her favorite books.

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