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Mom gets worried Phillip might have asthma. She was also watching Roots and went to Troy for Troy Days. Then she got a really bad sunburn at the sand drags. Phillip recounts a story about a Mat and peacock and both boys suffer through the Chicken Pox.

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A friend of Mom's has her baby just in time for Mother's Day and she wasn't sure but thought our dog might have been pregnant. Mom kept busy at work with two different sales but also gets to relax and reconnect with old friends that moved back to the area. She also decided that someday she'd get herself a motorcycle and the endorsement so she wouldn't have to wait on "R" to go riding. Finally, at 22 years old, Mom expresses her discontent with settling into home life. Oh, and stay tuned for the Outro for a surprise!

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Well, we had techincal difficulties. We'll be back next week with the REAL episode. Sorry!

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We (sort of) bring back the drinking game. Mom had a wedding reception and got us bunkbeds for Easter. On the job front Mom did really well. She made a really big sale, got through her probationary period then got a raise and moved over to the shoe department as the department head's "right-hand man". Our budget was a bit tight because we were still recovering from being broke but overall things were looking up.

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