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136 Valotte

Money was still tight but Mom was scraping together what she could to get us through the end of the year. The holidays were coming and our grandpa stopped by for a visit. Mom was beginning to make more and more trips to Walla Walla to visit Mac and spent Christmas and New Years with him at the prison. She got the ugliest bench in the world and a couple of wooden inks that were all made by Mac. Mom also continued her dieting and was wanting to tone up by lifting weights. There were some issues at the welfare office, which meant money was delayed again. Which was unfortunate because the phone bill was getting out of control. Mat turned 9 years old! Things seemed to be getting more serious between Mom and Mac, she was feeling good that their relationship had a solid foundation. As life got busier, Mom’s entries in the Journal became more and more sporadic. Mom took us boys to the prison to visit Mac for the first time.

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135 Run To You

Phillip (and the Journal) turn 10 years old. Our budget was still really tight, mostly due to collect phone calls from Mac in Walla Walla. Mom went to visit him again and her feelings were getting more serious, but after a night out and a missed phone call she wasn’t sure things would last. School was going well for Mom, she liked doing perms and got a big tip for doing one. This really boosted her confidence. Money problems sent Mom scrambling. She had to figure out how to live for two weeks with no savings, no income, no welfare and no food stamps. One bright bit was that the rent got reduced again but with the skyrocketing phone bill it didn’t help much.

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134 Teacher Teacher

There was a little trouble at the prison after Mom’s first visit with Mac but she got a letter from him saying the charges against him were dropped and he would be transferred back to medium security soon. Mom was still dieting too and was pretty happy with the results. She was becoming increasingly infatuated with Mac and was writing him letters several times a day. She also finds out that he wasn’t in prison for murder. The Mystery Man calls but by this point Mom had all but moved on to Mac. Mom makes another visit to the prison, this time to maximum security because Mac was still there for the time being. Mom also sold her car to the scrapyard for $75 and we got a HUGE decrease in rent. She mentioned Phillip’s upcoming birthday (10!) and maybe making him a special dessert instead of cake. Journal entries were getting more sporadic as Mom got more involved with Mac, dealt with housework, raising us boys and her schooling, which she was doing very well in by the way. Mat, however, may not have been because Mom got a call for a conference with his teacher.

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133 I Can’t Hold Back

Mom started school at the beauty college in Hermiston and very quickly realized how busy she would be for the next year trying to keep up with school, homework, housework and us boys. After a late night call from a suitor, Mom mentions her views on men are changing. She wanted dinner, dancing and drinks or nothing at all. She also got a call from the “Mystery Man” and was starting to see him for who he really was. She mentioned she still had plans on moving us to Boise. Mom wanted to get away from Hermiston, open a shop where she could do hair and start building a normal life. The money situation was getting better with welfare, student loan and grant money and good news about our rent. Mom mailed some letters to Mac in prison but didn’t hear back from him because she unknowingly sent contraband and he hadn’t gotten them yet. She also mentioned she was planning on taking a trip to Walla Walla to visit him. Mom went on a strict diet for this first visit and then went. He got in a little trouble after her visit. She was already starting to like him and said that she thinks the guards were out to get him.

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