The Kendra's Journal Podcast

February 14, 1978 - February 24, 1978

It really was a Happy Valentine's Day! Mom took the tests to get her G.E.D. and passed all five sections. Mom mentions getting a van again and then watches her soap operas. We took a family trip to Idaho to visit relatives and Mat blames Phonics for his lack of interest in reading. As always Mom delves into the topic of money (or lack thereof) but still plans on buying a waterbed.

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February 7, 1978 - February 12, 1978

Mom gets motivated about finding a job but then gets demotivated when things don't go exactly how she thoug they would. She also talks about filing bankruptcy. Mat and I talk a lot in this one about Mom's views on life and how she used the Journal to vent.

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January 26, 1978 - February 6, 1978

Mom interviewed for a job at the hospital and we talk about how her job search techniques didn't change much over 30 years. She wrote about her fear of guns at the time, and then explains that it's more just a fear of one of us getting hurt. We finally get moved into the house out in the country and Mat spends two days in the hospital with bronchitis. Mom talks about filing for bankruptcy and who she wants to take care of us if anything happened to her and dad.

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January 15, 1978 - January 25, 1978

Super Bowl XII starts this one. Dallas beat Denver 27-10. Dad started school and we moved again, this time with help from welfare. Mom was excited about the new place, it was bigger so in her mind that meant it would be easier to clean. A place out in the country with a full basement and a fenced backyard. She also got another hint that she should quit smoking and talked about getting a hysterectomy at 19, saying she doesn't want any more kids. Overall this is just daily life for a young mother in the 70s.

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