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Hey! That baking page is finally live on Check it out if you like cookies and WordPress. Well, Mom’s bankruptcy was filed and she was giving up the 4-Runner and the condo. She starts researching her patent idea and then gets more motivated about it. She also looks into Mary Kay. Is there a pink Caddy in her future? And whatever you celebrate, HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND NEW YEAR! Because regardless of what other holidays we celebrate, we’re ALL gonna celebrate the end of 2020!!

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Another grand-baby birthday to celebrate! The bankruptcy looks to be a go, maybe Oprah can help? Mat was in Eugene and Phill’s divorce had him contemplating Portland. Mom was still planning on moving to Oregon, maybe getting all three back in the same area? A really cool vest was given to Mom too. Then the next “big” thing to start in our lives, The Patent. Let’s see how it goes. Enjoy!

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Hey, let's start with a Mat telling a long story (it's worth it ;-) ). Then Phill recaps his relationship and how being a bit of a hacker related to that. Mom relates to his situation. She talks about a bike trip she took to Montana. Her and a friend also plan a trip to Canada. She also decides to move back to Oregon, she's behind on her house payment and may be in trouble. And to end it, let's hear another story from Mat about his roommates at the time (this one's worth it too).

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We talk about adding a baking page to, it's not up yet, but it will be soon. Speaking of good desserts, check out the Dream Torte recipe on our Facebook page. In the Journal, Mom and Phill are okay again but money stress and loneliness are getting her to a breaking point. Great time for a quick trip to Mexico! Oh, and an old friend pops up. Does anyone remember the Rainbow vacuum?

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There was a bit more fallout about the Journal. We stop and go over that a bit. Mom met a man that was filling her free time and she had an unexpected guest. Money was still tight but she had some coming in and a ski trip was planned. Mat talks about getting AOL disconnected at the time. Then, Mom took a break from the Journal for a bit and explains what happened.

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In this dramatic episode, we recount how we managed to overcome and ultimately succeed after the Y2K tragedy. Mat has a birthday and a law school friend has a baby. Phill gets the Journal and Mom gets a reaction. A surprising update about "B". Nail exams? Nailed 'em. Now she's thinking about location. Enjoy!

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Sorry for the long intro, again. We go off-topic a bit too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Mom was feeling the holiday blues being short on cash and a house payment coming due. She ends up taking on a side gig to make ends meet. Big gifts for Christmas and Mom unexpectedly finds an old letter that helps her feel some closure about things.

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It was time for a change! And a dentist! There was a possible romance in Seattle and mom's cousin fell in love (she still is!). A birthday and Thanksgiving were on the calendar too.

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A bit of current events then back to 1999! A birthday boy has his day and a trip to the hospital. Phillip gets ready to move into a new place and Mom takes a trip to see it. A scare at work and a week off of school to look for other work. Plus, a big decision is made.

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Getting cozy in the condo and more family buying property. Contemplation on life and an evaluation at work. Did she cross a line? Biker Boy is back and she calls another boy. Top all that off with sick days and potential financial irresponsibility!

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Condo! Cabo! Wedding bells? Just kidding! There is a wedding in this one though...

Biker boy is out again and another flame is in again. Concern over her schoolwork is causing stress. Enjoy!

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Closing on her condo is coming up!!! The new school was going well. She was hoping for a trip to Cabo in her near future. She couldn't seem to stay away from the dentist either. Another birthday too. Mat made his big move:

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Mom was really getting into her role as a grandmother (Meemaw). She started school again and was really close to buying a condo. Mat was getting ready to move to LA, there's a hell of a story. He also talked about buying his first house in PDX. Oh, and dating. She really had a thing for guys with Harley's.

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Mom had some GI issues, we go into some detail on that. Boredom with her job had her looking for new departments to work in. Boredom with her life had her going out and continuing to date. There were two major things she was looking forward to, Cameo's birth and Sammy Hagar's concert. Priorities people! She had 'em! ;-) Enjoy!

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Mom was certainly an early adopter of online dating. She was apparently trying to become an expert at sitting in the dentist's chair too. Phillip flashes back to a story he probably told in an earlier episode. Did Cameo show up yet? Some of you already know, don't you? Enjoy!

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Dating sucks, especially when there's a bit more drama than you like. More time in the dentist's chair sucks too. At least she could see again. Mom waits for a new family member to arrive. Enjoy!

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Check out this for links to the 5 latest episodes:

Mom dealt with some pain from dental work, got her bicycle going, and gave a guy another chance. She had a bit of activity on the dating front then tried to burn down her cousin's house. Phillip talks about the similarities between Mom’s life then and his life now. Enjoy!

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Getting ghosted, dental work, and Mat stalking actors at the Oscars. There was an internal debate on where to settle down, Boise or Oregon? And an extra day off is always a good thing. Enjoy!

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Mat was LA-bound after picking up the 4-Runner. Mom made a decision about the direction her life was going. Dating was... dating someone left her hanging. She was also hoping for a hot summer and tinted porch windows. We finally made it to 200! Enjoy!

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Exes, the early days of online dating, and slightly questionable choices in the name of background checks. Big Mat was getting ready for a trip to California to look at schools. Maybe Mom's dream of winning Publisher's Clearinghouse or the Powerball will happen and we're living off the dividends now ;-). It's been fun getting back into this process. Enjoy!

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We're back into the Journal on this one! We hope you enjoyed our bonus episode before this to catch up on everything. We're releasing this episode as well to share more of the Journal. In this one Mom spends quite a bit of time managing her love life. This was in the early days of internet dating so it's an interesting look into that part of the time as well as how Mom managed things. Enjoy!

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So we're finally back and have begun recording again! This is a "no-content" episode to catch everyone up on where we've been and what's been occurring lately. We're also releasing Episode 198 along with this one to start getting more of the Journal done too. Enjoy!

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