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Mom spent a lot of time sick and we moved out of Echo. Mom also read "Mommy Dearest" couldn't believe how Joan Crawford could be so nice in public and abusive in private. We also got to go to a circus and Mom started buying a waterbed. She'd been dreaming of that for a while. Grandma Joyce also got a new house and we spend some time discussing what we remember of it. Mom also goes into a long explanation on her relationship with "R" so far and some pretty disturbing events that get us wondering about the foundation it was built on.

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Mom came back from the concert in Yakima then went to Robin's baby shower. She got Robin a car seat. We also went to our Grandpa's so Mom could introduce him to "R". It seemed to go really well. Mom was also looking for work and a place to live in Hermiston because Echo was getting to her. In the biggest news we got a new car. A 1975 VW Dasher. Mom was in love with this car even though she was paying about $40 more per month than she anticipated.

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Mom's relationship with "R" was blossoming. That was the major theme of this part of the Journal. She was really happy with him and was pleased that us boys were getting along with him as well. Mom was also becoming increasingly dissatisfied with her job but was sticking it out until she could find something else. We also had a couple of guests staying with us for a short time. Uncle Phil needed a place to crash after he left his job at the ranch and an old friend of Mom's was leaving her husband and needed a place to stay for a while. Oh, and she got to go to the Foghat concert in Yakima that year.

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Mom's new relationship had a bit of a rocky patch in the beginning but in the end things worked out. Besides, she got to go to the Oregon Jam 1980! Mom was also hoping to get her divorce pushed through and then moving somewhere far away from Hermiston. But, we spent a lot of time in "R"s boat on the river and Mom really seemed to like being around him.

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Mom had some car issues then got it fixed and dreams of a newer car, but not a van this time (drink!). She also spent a lot of time hanging out with friends and started seeing a new guy we're going to call "R". He was a nice guy and Mom liked him but she really wanted to make sure that he liked us boys and (most importantly) that we liked him. Then Mom celebrated her 22nd birthday with friends and her new guy the weekend before.

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