The Kendra's Journal Podcast

July 14, 1977 - August 30, 1977

We start this one on Mom's 19th birthday then a new job moves us to Tri-Cities. She debates stopping when the notebook she was writing in gets full, obviously that didn't happen. Mom also remembers more about the day she started writing the journal. She mentions a dog named Presto that I don't recall her ever mentioning before but she doesn't go into much detail on that one. She also starts planning out how to buy the van she'd been fantasizing about, almost obsessively. Finally, Mom gets a job.

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May 7, 1977 - July 9, 1977

Another episode that was kind of cut up to shorten the length. This was originally the first half of episode nine so forgive us if it sounds a bit choppy in the beginning and end. Mom gets a special present for mother's day and parties it up! But she warns us not to overdo it when we start to party. Mom's friend Candi goes through a break up and Mom almost gives into temptation herself but decides to work on her relationship before doing anything stupid. Uncle Allen, his wife and daughter move to Germany. Mom celebrates three years of marriage and we move into a house but have to move out soon after. And Grampa Bob announces his engagement to Charlotte.

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January 16, 1977 - April 22, 1977

This episode starts out with a new car (a 1967 Chevy Malibu Chevelle) but it goes back and we end up car-less. Mom also has a quick stint cutting rotten spots out of potatoes at Lamb-Weston, I assume in Hermiston but there were a lot of Lamb-Weston plants in that area back then so it could have been one of several places. We end up moving to Ione, OR to live with Mom's friend Robin (the same one who comments on this website. Hi Robin!), and from the descriptions it almost sounds like a commune. Mom and Robin then start going back to school with plans on going to college afterward. Plus, Mom spends a lot of time hanging out at the local tavern. Enjoy!

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August 2, 1976 - August 21, 1976

In this episode we find out why Ft. Sill has a regulation that forbids family members from visiting soldiers in the field and Mom makes another pee bird reference. We also hear what her plans were for the journal at the time, she makes a claim that she'll never leave Oregon again unless she absolutely has to and her anxious side comes out. We end the episode with an entry from "the future"! Actually it's from 1980, explaining that there might be a missing notebook. We never did find it so next episode will skip ahead to 1977, where we've already moved back to Oregon. But that's for next time. Enjoy!

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January 27, 1976 - July 31, 1976

Six months of writing! Mom shares a lot in this one and a lot of great stuff happened. She mentions my love for pizza which I confirm hasn't changed! She also mentions us moving into a new house, but it was still in Lawton. Plus there's another "Pee Bird" reference, great! Mom shares some of her dreams for the future and explains a bit more about who she was prior to getting pregnant and married. She also has her 18th birthday and our Gramma Joyce annnounces her engagement to Harvey. Our cousin Jason is born to Mom's sister Shannon and Mom reiterates her love for "The Prophet" by writing the passage about children again. Oh and she confirms that even 70's hippies thought Frank Zappa's music was weird, "really weird" as she put it. Enjoy!

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