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Mom went on a quick trip with a friend to The Dalles to pick up a crib with a friend. She was also riding the motorcycle with "R" to get into shape for longer rides in that summer. "R" was given some nice sunglasses for Father's Day. Mom felt bad about her gaps in writing and we celebrated the Fourth of July. Mom talks about calling her friends long distance on Sundays because it's cheaper, Phillip and Mat go into describing to Mathew about that since his generation don't understand the concept. Mom and "R" went to a bachelor/bachelorette party on a work night where "R" broke up a fight between the groom and "some jerk." Mom also celebrated her 24th birthday. She cleaned out a metal storage box to keep her bills organized, Phillip and Mat had forgotten about it but remember it. Mom and "R" spent the day with her dad in Portland seeing the sights: Pittock Mansion, Market Street and then rode almost all the way to the coast before it got too cold and windy and turned around to find a hotel. Mom's work was having a sidewalk sale and she wanted to dress up like a nun. Phillip and Mat pull weeds for fair money and everyone went to the drive in to watch Firefox with Clint Eastwood. The boys were excited to start school again and our well broke because we had no water to pump out of it.

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Mat and Phillip start out with a little insight on the recording process but eventually get to reading the journal. Mom was working hard at her job but hated missing the nice weather when she did. She was also practicing her calligraphy again. "R" had a job interview at the Army base that Phillip eventually worked at (15 years later). She was also looking more into writing her book, she was checking out books on writing to get tips on the process. Mom was also shaking a lot so her doctor put her on tranquilizers. We also celebrated Mother's Day and the boys gave Mom some nice gifts. Mat got to ride a train with his kindergarten class one day then went to a dairy another day, Mom missed both because she had to work and regretted it so she stated she'd make sure to attend his last day of school, no matter what. We also spent some time on the river but ended up running out of gas in the middle of it the paddling back with water skis. Rounding things out was the end of school and the arrival of summer.

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Mom and "R" celebrate their first anniversary and "R" is restless because of his job situation. He was trying to get a job on the pipeline in Wyoming. Mom decides to try and work full time again. Phillip got to launch 54 balloons at the "Balloon Blastoff". The boys got to watch cartoons on a Saturday and Mat was stealing change from "R". The boys reminisce about their tree house. Mat caught a moth and took it to school for Show-And-Tell. Mom took her new furniture back and exchanged it for a new set, this is the set Phillip and Mat remember from growing up. Mom was still stretching her money as far as it could go and everyone went fishing with some friends. Mom went bowling on "Monte Carlo Night". Phillip sold tickets to his school's annual carnival where they were raffling off a hog (a pig, not a bike). Phillip and Mat got to spend the night with their grandma. Mom's dad showed up for a surprise visit too. Mom also wanted to get back into a creative mindset so she could write poems again. She figured 5 hours of solitude with Rod Stewart playing would do the trick. Finally, Mom was researching writing a book, she claims she'll write it if it takes her a lifetime. It did.

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