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Sorry about the long intro. Mom might spend Christmas with a new guy, until... She questions her options on whether to be alone or with an idiot. It ends up being her worst Christmas. We also get an update on the patent. 2007 begins but there's still no money. Then she gets a job, and loses the job, and gets a job, and loses the job, and gets a job... Happy 31st Birthday Mat!! Getting unemployment money helps pay some bills and it's back to job hunting. Then there are drug test issues.

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We have posted several pictures from our past, even showing Mom as a baby. Scroll through our feed and take a look. Back to the Journal, Mom hears some shocking news and has a lucky day. Financial issues have her trying to find ways to pay for everything and with her hours being cut at work Mom’s focusing on job hunting. And when Mom's back goes out her “friends” are not willing to help her. Some unexpected money arrives in the mail and Mat starts faxing a bunch of resumes for Mom. She mentions a new guy and is sent a notice about her student loans.

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Mom has big money problems and continues to look for "real" work. Mat tells a story about his typing class in high school. A potential job at a law office falls through. Mom implies she will avoid the casinos because of her money issues. Phill turns 32 and Mom worries about her cats because of the neighbor's dog. Then Mom has troubles at work.

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