The Kendra's Journal Podcast

January 1, 1979 - January 20, 1979

It was a new year and Mom had a lot of hopes for it. We celebrated Mat's 3rd birthday and made a move closer to family. Work was what it was so we were getting by but Mom was thinking of going back to work instead of babysitting for her sister.

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December 2, 1978 - December 28, 1978

Merry Christmas! It was another year coming to a close and there weren't very many presents under the tree. Heck, for a while there wasn't even a tree to put them under. In the end things turned around for us a bit, just like they always do but it defintely wasn't an easy go.

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November 14, 1978 - November 30, 1978

We were kind of in a down swing around this time. Rent was late, food was low and Mom was really feeling the pinch. But we had a new cousin and there was a little money coming in from selling pieces of stereo equipment. Phillip's birthday 4th happened too and family got together for Thanksgiving, so in all even though things were on a down swing, not everything was bad.

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