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Mom wanted to get a new job, she was thinking of applying at the Post Office. We went hunting but missed getting our cow tag filled and us boys got to explore in the woods. Mom finally got her renters refund and celebrated nine months of marriage with "R". There was some talk about taking over a gas station. To end the month of October us boys got to go trick or treating on Halloween as Superman and The Green Lantern. Fun times!

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This week we let Mathew do the intro! Mom talked about trying to get a job at the coal fire plant and she showed off her new furniture to her friends. We got our trailer remodeled with some loan money and Mom bought us school clothes. This was because Phillip started first grade and Mat started Kindergarten. We also got a new puppy, for a little while anyway, and Mom had some fun with cigarette loads.

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Mom didn't start this month doing very well but she kept her chin up. She celebrated knowing "R" for a year, had a birthday and got to visit an old friend. She also planned the redecoration of our house, spent some time on the boat and took us boys to the ear doctor. Finally she dressed up for the "Crazy Days Sale" at work with one of her coworkers as the "Big Butt Sisters".

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Mom gets worried Phillip might have asthma. She was also watching Roots and went to Troy for Troy Days. Then she got a really bad sunburn at the sand drags. Phillip recounts a story about a Mat and peacock and both boys suffer through the Chicken Pox.

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A friend of Mom's has her baby just in time for Mother's Day and she wasn't sure but thought our dog might have been pregnant. Mom kept busy at work with two different sales but also gets to relax and reconnect with old friends that moved back to the area. She also decided that someday she'd get herself a motorcycle and the endorsement so she wouldn't have to wait on "R" to go riding. Finally, at 22 years old, Mom expresses her discontent with settling into home life. Oh, and stay tuned for the Outro for a surprise!

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Well, we had techincal difficulties. We'll be back next week with the REAL episode. Sorry!

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We (sort of) bring back the drinking game. Mom had a wedding reception and got us bunkbeds for Easter. On the job front Mom did really well. She made a really big sale, got through her probationary period then got a raise and moved over to the shoe department as the department head's "right-hand man". Our budget was a bit tight because we were still recovering from being broke but overall things were looking up.

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Mom finally went to the health club in Hermiston with a friend. Then she kept plugging away at her job cleaning up the retirement home. But in a good twist of fate Mom got a better job as a sales girl at Burnham's Department Store in Hermiston. At the time that was one of two stores that anyone who was somebody shopped at. The biggest news to come out of this time frame was Mom and "R" going to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and getting married a lot earlier than planned.

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Mom was still sick for a bit but ended up powering through it and going back to work. In the end it worked out for her and she got paid, plus her taxes came back! She was excited about that and even splurged on herself a bit but used most of it to pay bills. Maybe "R" was rubbing off on her. Some friends of hers moved back to the area so she was also excited to spend time with them. We also went bowling and Mom did pretty good. What Mom seemed to be most excited about though was taking her sister out for birthday, which she did and apparently had a blast.

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Mom was working hard to help keep money coming in. She complained about it but she stuck it out! She was also planning her wedding and reception. Us boys went back to our school in time for us to take treats to the Valentine's Day party. She also got taken out to a nice brunch and got flowers from "R". In regards to the Journal she started writing her 800th page and starts talking about it in a more long-term basis and even (prophetically) tells us where it will be when she passes. Remember, this was over 30 years before she died.

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We enjoyed Christmas 1980 and started 1981 with the mumps. Mom started looking for work because she felt bad that "R" was supporting us. Mat had his 5th birthday and a party at Happy Joe's Pizza in Hermiston. We also spent time hanging out with friends while Mom and "R" got "loose", as she put it. And "R" asked Mom an important question. Hmm, wonder what that could have been? We also spent time with family and Mom got to see The Outlaws and .38 Special live in Portland. We got a dog too, her name was Sissy.

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We're Baaaaack! So after six weeks things have finally cleared up enough that we can get back to recording and producing this podcast. It's really exciting for us because it means a return to doing something we love. We want to say "Thank You!" to all of you who have stood by patiently waiting. We really do appreciate all of you for sticking by us. In this episode Mom got a new camera. A Kodak Colorburst, it was kind of like a Polaroid and spit out pictures from the front.Things weren't perfect between Mom and R either, she alludes to him mistreating us boys and it was bothering her. Other than that everything seemed okay, Mom spent time cleaning and partying with friends. Normal stuff that 22 year old girls do. Enjoy!

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So this is the first time we've hit a real hiccup in the distribution of the podcast. Phillip is in the middle of starting a new job and Mat has plans that will cause another missed week for the next episode. Even though this one's late, at least we got it out to let you all know we're still here. Enjoy!

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We all got to go rollerskating and us boys went Trick-or-Treating on Halloween. Mom also spent a lot of time sick, but didn't use as much sick leave. She also planned out her Christmas shopping because she wanted to make it the best Christmas yet. Mom mentions Ronald Reagan winning the Presidential Election and admits to feeling depressed but doesn't know why. Mom also spent time looking for a new job in Hermiston because her job in Echo was quickly becoming less than desirable.

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Mom spent a lot of time sick and we moved out of Echo. Mom also read "Mommy Dearest" couldn't believe how Joan Crawford could be so nice in public and abusive in private. We also got to go to a circus and Mom started buying a waterbed. She'd been dreaming of that for a while. Grandma Joyce also got a new house and we spend some time discussing what we remember of it. Mom also goes into a long explanation on her relationship with "R" so far and some pretty disturbing events that get us wondering about the foundation it was built on.

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Mom came back from the concert in Yakima then went to Robin's baby shower. She got Robin a car seat. We also went to our Grandpa's so Mom could introduce him to "R". It seemed to go really well. Mom was also looking for work and a place to live in Hermiston because Echo was getting to her. In the biggest news we got a new car. A 1975 VW Dasher. Mom was in love with this car even though she was paying about $40 more per month than she anticipated.

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Mom's relationship with "R" was blossoming. That was the major theme of this part of the Journal. She was really happy with him and was pleased that us boys were getting along with him as well. Mom was also becoming increasingly dissatisfied with her job but was sticking it out until she could find something else. We also had a couple of guests staying with us for a short time. Uncle Phil needed a place to crash after he left his job at the ranch and an old friend of Mom's was leaving her husband and needed a place to stay for a while. Oh, and she got to go to the Foghat concert in Yakima that year.

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Mom's new relationship had a bit of a rocky patch in the beginning but in the end things worked out. Besides, she got to go to the Oregon Jam 1980! Mom was also hoping to get her divorce pushed through and then moving somewhere far away from Hermiston. But, we spent a lot of time in "R"s boat on the river and Mom really seemed to like being around him.

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Mom had some car issues then got it fixed and dreams of a newer car, but not a van this time (drink!). She also spent a lot of time hanging out with friends and started seeing a new guy we're going to call "R". He was a nice guy and Mom liked him but she really wanted to make sure that he liked us boys and (most importantly) that we liked him. Then Mom celebrated her 22nd birthday with friends and her new guy the weekend before.

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Mom got a Ford Fairlane for cheap and we moved to Echo! It was an old trailer but cozy. Mom got us set up with a babysitter too and Mat tells a story about how he accidentally hurt her. Mom spent a lot of time going out when she could but was learning that some of it wasn’t so much fun anymore.

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Things were going well with Mom's new job in Echo but money was still really tight. Her entries were getting shorter, more sporadic and would cut off without goodbyes but she admits to being distracted and tired. And then something big happens...

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Mom was really getting into her new job, she especially liked making money. It was spring time in Hermiston which meant a lot of wind and rain. She also spent a lot of time riding her bike around town getting exercise and enjoying the nicer days when the were available.

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We were settling into the new place and Mom wanted to meet our new neighbors. She was also still planning on moving us to Eugene for school. Phillip was the Ring Bearer for Mom's aunt but had to miss the Wizard of Oz the night of the dress rehersal because of it. Oh, and Mom got a job!

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Money was short as always and we moved into a new apartment! The move was kind of forced for not paying rent but it ended up being a step up in the long run. Also, Mom finally got a niece instead of another nephew from her sister. She also spent a lot of time with family and friends and had a job interview with the city police as a clerk of some kind.

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Mom had a few job interviews! As always she was spending the money before she actually had it but at least this time she was thinking about spending it on bills and necessities instead of vans and vacations. She also started jogging and mentioned it a couple of times but not much else about it. Oh, and there was a Superbowl!

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59 New Year New Decade

Mom brought in the new year and decade right! Things got back to normal really quick though and the struggle continued. Mat turned four and got a couple of decent presents and A LOT of snow. That snow made Mom dream of skiing too. Things got tough enough that we borrowed money from a neighbor just to get by for a few days. Oh, and the Steelers won the AFC Championship game to go to Superbowl XIV!

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It was Christmas time and as always money wasn't something that stayed around very long. But we had a good Christmas, got to spend time with family and overall had a pleasant experience. No one was working though so the prospects for the new year (and decade) weren't too promising but there was a sense of hope. Friends and family were having babies and we all continued to have fun.

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Mom debates the merits of babysitting the neighbor kids and dreams of showing people up when she has a degree. Phillip has a birthday and everyone celebrates Thanksgiving too. We also see the first snow of the 1979 winter season and start looking forward to Christmas time. As always, bills were piling up and food was getting short.

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We lost our cat to an accident then money got tight again. Mom had a couple of job interviews but also started planning a move so she could go to college. Mom also made a little extra cash on the side by babysitting a neighbor kid but had to keep hunting down the kid's mom to get paid.

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One of our grandmothers had gallbladder surgery and it temporarily got us a second cat. Mom got through her recovery without going stir-crazy. We also got a new TV! Mom's family had big family get together and we had a blast. Mom also spent money so we could get good haircuts that would last. Mom was dreaming about getting land and a new trailer but she was also getting realistic about the time frame and could see how it wouldn't happen how she wanted. But it didn't stop her from looking.

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September 3, 1979 - September 25, 1979

Mom was still recovering from her surgery but after a week of staying inside she decided to go dancing with her aunt. She also continued making plans to buy some land and a double-wide even though we still couldn't keep enough money available to buy food. Uncle Phil, who'd been staying with us, moved out to a ranch he was working for. Other than that is was a fairly typical time in our lives, feast or famine as always.

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August 6, 1979 - September 2, 1979

We went to a company picnic and won prizes and some pocket change. We also got to eat a lot of ice cream and drink root beer. We also got to go to the fair and ride some rides and see the animals in the fair competitions. Mom took a trip to the coast and danced at a club she thought was really cool. Then she sold the car so some bills could get paid before it was too late. In the biggest news of the time, Mom finally got her hysterectomy and spent a few days in the hospital afterward. Then recovered at home for a week or two after that.

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July 17, 1979 - August 4, 1979

Mom starts talking about her book again. We still wonder why she didn't realize she had already written one in the journal. Food was starting to get scarce again but in the end we still had enough to get by. Mom went bar hopping with a friend but it didn't turn out quite the way she expected. She also finally got the okay from her doctor to have a hysterectomy, at 21. Her medical problems were pretty bad for him to do that.

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June 19, 1979 - July 15, 1979

Money from family helped us get by until the next paycheck. Then there was a layoff, so things got fairly tight for a while. We went to the drive in with friends. Us boys really pushed Mom's buttons dumping out all bandaids, cereal and chocolate syrup. :-) Sorry Mom. She also took a trip to her cousin's wedding in Vancouver B.C. but it was just a quick trip up and back. Mom also turned 21 but she didn't make a big deal about it because keeping a house together was more important than celebrating her birthday.

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June 6, 1979 - June 18, 1979

50 Episodes! We made it through the first year! In this episode Mom got an invite to her cousin's wedding in Canada. Because of her history up there she didn't even consider taking us with her. She used to get hurt a lot there from some pretty nasty accidents. Mom was also starting to feel "trapped" in the apartment since she wasn't working. She also started writing a book, we wonder why she didn't realize she'd already written one with what she'd written in the Journal by this time. She also spent a lot of time with friends and family, even a camping trip to the jeep races in Starkey.

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May 27, 1979 - June 4, 1979

Mom talked about what she'd like to do for a living, but only briefly. Then she mentions how expensive gas was getting during the gas shortage in 1979. 90.9 cents a gallon was A LOT for gas back then. Things were easing up in the area of money because she didn't say much about being strapped for cash or low on food.

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