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Mom debates the merits of babysitting the neighbor kids and dreams of showing people up when she has a degree. Phillip has a birthday and everyone celebrates Thanksgiving too. We also see the first snow of the 1979 winter season and start looking forward to Christmas time. As always, bills were piling up and food was getting short.

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We lost our cat to an accident then money got tight again. Mom had a couple of job interviews but also started planning a move so she could go to college. Mom also made a little extra cash on the side by babysitting a neighbor kid but had to keep hunting down the kid's mom to get paid.

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One of our grandmothers had gallbladder surgery and it temporarily got us a second cat. Mom got through her recovery without going stir-crazy. We also got a new TV! Mom's family had big family get together and we had a blast. Mom also spent money so we could get good haircuts that would last. Mom was dreaming about getting land and a new trailer but she was also getting realistic about the time frame and could see how it wouldn't happen how she wanted. But it didn't stop her from looking.

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September 3, 1979 - September 25, 1979

Mom was still recovering from her surgery but after a week of staying inside she decided to go dancing with her aunt. She also continued making plans to buy some land and a double-wide even though we still couldn't keep enough money available to buy food. Uncle Phil, who'd been staying with us, moved out to a ranch he was working for. Other than that is was a fairly typical time in our lives, feast or famine as always.

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