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Mom was back to work after her trip to Oregon and was already missing baby Mathew terribly. She called B’s daughter to make sure her birthday gift arrived. There were some crazy things happening in school, someone from her class dropped it because the teacher was being a jerk. She was concerned the teacher would start with her next. She was also planning to retake the LSAT to try and get back into law school in Idaho. After eight days on meds, Mom didn’t feel any different about smoking. She thought her cat was crazy. She made an appointment at the veterinarian so he was about to be very unhappy. Tax return money was on the way (yay) and Grandpa got himself a new (used) motorhome. Enjoy!

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Mom’s bills were paid!!! WOO HOO!!!! She had a good night at school and was trying to adjust her attitude toward the paralegal program she was attending. She also got the prescription to help her quit smoking and was planning on getting contacts. Mom planned a trip to see her grandbaby (little Mathew). A potential staff shakeup was giving her hope of landing in a better place. She was struggling a bit with the idea of staying in Boise and continuing in the paralegal program with the possibility of buying a condo. Or moving Portland where she felt she would have been closer to friends that she can spend time with outside the Friday night bar routine. She mentioned bit Mat’s “career adventure” and was also all ready for her weekend trip with her truck (Toyota 4Runner) ready and nails done. She gave Phillip and family $300 and they went shopping. Enjoy!

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