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NEW WEBSITE! Check it out at! Mom was home for spring break; her and “B” had been having a great time. She was making the most of her break by getting together with her dad and Mat, then took a trip across Oregon to visit her mom and grandfather. On her way back to Connecticut, there were some issues. Once back to school, she applied for a new job with the Dean of her school. She also got to go to a Ball put on by the law school. Mom was feeling pressure when she submitted her first draft of a paper that was worth 65% of her class grade. She was dreaming of life after law school, but got some bad news and was having a hard time dealing with her emotions.

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Mom was still enjoying school and putting together her apartment. She was looking forward to her trip home over spring break because research and studying were keeping her busy. Mom got the INTERNET! She had some concerns about “B”, but 9 weeks into law school and she was feeling the pressure. This made her question the full course load she was planning to take in her next term. Enjoy!

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Mom and “B” drove to Connecticut so she could start school. They made it safely but “B” had to head back to Oregon after a week. It was Christmas and Mom was along, but excited to start law school. And even though classes hadn’t started yet, she already had homework. She was still in the process of setting up her new place and got a job, but was worried about the schedule with school starting. Phillip had a BIG announcement around this time and Mat enrolled in college. School started and Mom was planning on completing her law degree in 2.5 years instead of the typical 3-4 years. She was also beginning to plan her trip home for spring break. She was loving law school and felt like it was the right place. Enjoy!

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