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Between this episode and the last, Mom finished her break and trip home that included a trip to Cabo, moving her thing’s out of “B’s” house and road-tripping to Arizona for Phillip’s wedding. Oh, and she got readmitted to the first year of Law School! Since she was back in school she was giving it her all. She wasn’t missing any classes and focused on learning everything she could, to include fighting her fear of exams. The National Law Journal published an article on one of Mom’s law professors, another student and her about a case Mom was helping on. LITTLE MATHEW WAS BORN! Probably the happiest day Mom had in over 20 years. Then she went shopping, something she said she should be doing. We also talk about Phillip’s teddy bear, the same one we spoke about in the early days of the podcast. Also, a surprise anniversary. Can you guess what it is? Enjoy!

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Mom continued to deal with the fallout of her relationship ending. She was trying to finish her term in school while figuring out the logistics of coming home and moving her stuff out of the house she’d shared with “B” for the last seven years. Then she got high tech! She got a law research program installed on her computer at home. She also got a bit reckless with her social life and started to let her attendance slip, a lot! When it was time to go home, Mom took a limo! Did she win the lottery?!? When summer break arrived, mom got a wake up call from school. Finally, Phillip phoned Mom telling her he was re-enlisting in the Marine Corps for another four years. Enjoy!

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Mom took a minute to reflect on the previous year of her life and added up how much law school was costing her. She also daydreamed of what life would be like after she finished. She also wrote about her plans for summer break and got word of Phillip’s upcoming baby (Mathew) and was super excited! Mom got a cat… with problems and a summer job at the New Haven Superior Court to make some money before going to Mexico. Then she shares some big news for her and “B”… Enjoy!

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